Oh the New Year Part 2

So now for some more of my favorites from 2010, I’m not going to cover my absolute favorites yet for things like best comeback and favorite song and things like that. I will cover that probably tomorrow, friday, and saturday!!! So for my favorite video’s from countries other than Korea…..

I’m going to start with Japan because they were the start of my asian fetish and I have to honor that. Without anime (Inuyasha) and manga (Hana Yori Dango :D) I would never ever have even considered kpop or any other kind of asian pop or drama’s.

My favorite artist from Japan this year probably has to be MAA. Now many of you have probably never heard of her but I adore her, she is so different and I know that seems like how everyone describes Japan. But she really is unique, almost an indie form of pop. I don’t know but I adore her and her music!!

This year had a lot of firsts for me, one of them being my discovery of visual kei. I’ve never been a huge fan of it but I really found a group that I absolutely adore this year. Zoro is an amazing inventive group that honestly just makes me so happy with their crazy video’s and very experiental music. Ryuuji’s fashion is always amazing and his hair and contacts are always crazy fun to watch. Love them!!! (The first video isn’t from this year but whatever!!)

This video is honestly the one that made me fall in love with them, its creepy and yet totally fun!!!

Japaness girl groups usually annoy me, no offense intended, but I don’t really do cutesy, so I was amazed when I found one I actually liked! This is Dream, I’m not sure if they have more than this one single this year but this is the one I loved from 2010!!!

On to Thailand!!!

My favorite girl group from Thailand is C-Mafia. Unfortunately their single, Alzheimer’s, yeah I HATED it! Like I couldn’t believe that they even did a video and song like that! But recently they released Blink Blink and I adore this. I know a lot of people hate this and so many say that they copied SNSD but I adore this!! I really admire their talent and professionalism at such a young age!

And the dance is intense!!

Recently I stumbled upon C-Quint, I had never heard of them before because I’ve never been huge on Thai Pop. But I loved this video and really loved their vocals! They are adorable!!!

China & Taiwan!!

I usually wouldn’t group these two countries together but for sorting purposes this is easiest….My favorite artist by far would be G.E.M. Tang from Hong Kong. She has to be one of the most talented people I have heard to come out of China vocally. Her voice and music gives me chills because you can feel her emotions in her voice and music.

Jolin Tsai is another favorite of mine and usually I really adore her upbeat club songs. But for this I picked a ballad because its by far my favorite song off her last album.

I was planning on putting Vietnam at the end of this but I have so many video’s and artists that I love from Vietnam that I think I will just give them their own blog which I will probably post tomorrow (lets hope!!). So I’m going to sleep now, because I’m exhausted, but I plan to return tomorrow to post more blogs all about the music I adore!! Sleep well everyone!!!


P.S. Did I mention that I got a Mac Book Pro for Christmas?? It makes this whole process, and my technological life, so much simpler!! I love it!! ❤

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